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DOWNLOAD NOW – XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC)

DOWNLOAD NOW – XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XBOX 360)

DOWNLOAD NOW – XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3)

Above are the full game for XCOM: Enemy Unknown + the keygen. Instructions are in the download as well so no need to worry. Have fun

The past and the future collide in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a throwback to the classic turn-based strategy game that kept one eye on the sky and a finger on the trigger. The gray skins return with more firepower and a taste for destruction in this iteration of the series. As before, you’ll need to use your head if you plan on keeping it. Players move their elite squad through what’s left of the war-torn streets of Earth one turn at a time as you try to out maneuver your opponent.




Worldwide Threat: Combat spans the globe as the XCOM team engages in over 70 unique missions, interacting and negotiating with governments around the world.
Strategic Base of Operations: Recruit, customize and evolve unique soldiers to take into battle, and then intercept and research alien technology to expand your weapons and capabilities.
Tactical Combat: Plan combat missions, direct the actions of your soldiers in incredible turn-based ground battles, and deploy air like the Interceptor and Skyranger units to stop the alien threat.